Community Engagement Sessions

Community Engagement Sessions were organized by a Facilitating Team consisting of 12 community members, two Library Board members, two Library Staff members, and the Library Director, and chaired by Loreen Keller, Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at McHenry County College, and Robert Reisenbuechler, a local educator.  For a complete listing of the Facilitating Team members visit the About page.

The purpose of the four Community  Engagement (CES) Sessions was to generate discussion related to the future of the Library.  Each session included a different presentation followed by a workshop in which residents had the opportunity to share their views about different aspects of the future of the Library.Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 6.58.33 PM

CES #1  FOCUS: Why Today? Challenges for Tomorrow
March 10 – View community feedback

CES #2  FOCUS: Are We Future Ready?
April 21 – View community feedback

CES #3  FOCUS: Our Facility: Does Form Follow Function?
May 19 – View community feedback

CES #4  FOCUS: What About the Money?
June 9 – View community feedback